Hello, here we are…

Before we officially open our blog, cut the red cord, let the trumpets blow their fanfare and finally ignite our intellectual fireworks, we want to greet you.
To do this, we did a little research and found that there are an incredible number of ways to greet someone. “I am you and you are me” means the traditional Mayan greeting “in lak’ech, a lak’en”. Although we like that as an idea, we don’t want to go that far …

With as-salamu alaykum (“Peace be with you”) and the answer -? Wa-alaykum as-salam (“Also with you be peace”) – you are always right in the Arab world. Even if we are advocates of world peace, this greeting seems a little too exaggerated.

In our blog, which lives on the written word, we generally struggle with everything that is not expressed with words but with gestures. So for example waving is not that easy. Or “wai”, these hands raised flat towards the face, known from Asia.
“G’Day Mate” is the friendly greeting from the Australians and we like that in and of itself. But who knows – maybe that’s too casual for you?

Anyway: we agree on a simple “Hello, here we are, nice to have you here” and hope to not only entertain you with our future blog posts, but also to inform you. And to convey a little of the fun and passion we have in our work in the jungidee office. With us ideas learn to run…. You can watch them on the blog!


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