Exclusive horoscope for our 1st birthday

jungidee 1. geburtstag kuchen mit kerz

jungidee was born under the sign of Aquarius, which speaks for a high spirit of innovation, originality and a sense of fairness and cooperation. The Aquarian company is very diverse. You are born inventor and always have ideas. Their light, lively manner and their instinct for momentary situations make them extraordinarily quick to react. Aquarians are always ready to help, for idealistic reasons, without any greed for profit. They are always interested in company and contacts, are hospitable, entertaining and always have original ideas. Their great strength is that they can always readjust themselves.

Aquarians are downright optimistic companies and they are not afraid of the future because it believes that they will be able to handle any situation.

Charles Darwin, Christian Dior, Peter Gabriel, Shakira, Thomas Edison, Mozart, Jules VerneWell-known Aquarians: Charles Darwin, Christian Dior, Peter Gabriel, Shakira, Thomas Edison, Mozart, Jules Verne… .and of course jungidee!

Happy B-Day!

After a year of passionate work, we are even more pleased that not only the stars are behind us:

Our QR code platform qr1.at for mobile marketing campaigns shines with a new logo and two appearances in the magazines Computerwelt and Monitor:

mobile award appointedappointed, the mobile solution co-developed by jungidee ° at for arranging appointments with the doctor on a smartphone, impressed the jury of the Mobile Award Austria (MAwA) 2012 and was chosen as the winner in the Health, Sport & Lifestyle category.

goes around the world a second time! This time four jackets from four fashion labels embark on an adventure trip. jungidee is delighted to be able to bring a jacket to New Zealand.

We congratulate and look forward to new and exciting challenges this year!

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