QR Codes are taking over in the real estate world

QR Code Immobilie
QR Codes direkt an der Immobilie angebracht, ermöglichen dem Interessenten bereits vor Ort alle wichtigen Informationen abzufragen.

Due to the high demand from customers for our mobile websites for real estate, our team has decided to pay more attention to this aspect of our QR code tracking platform and to invest more development effort in the functions related to real estate marketing. Real estate agents can advertise their projects directly on the property with QR code posters and immediately present relevant information about the property to potential customers on all devices from laptops to smartphones. During the implementation, we adhered to the OpenImmo standard, which enables a complete description of the property and simplifies the exchange of properties between qrd.by and numerous other real estate portals. In order to be able to present our service to the broadest possible audience and to make new contacts in the real estate industry, we are going to Expo Real at the beginning of October – one of the largest trade fairs for real estate in Europe.


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