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Not quite … but almost! Finally, we provided the technical know-how and the creative inputs so that the hip fashion label KAYIKO could go on a world tour with its designer jackets. At globaljacketproject.kayiko.com you could follow the trip in favor of a social project (Ute Bock’s refugee project) at the same time. There were four jackets in total and they made it to every continent. We at jungidee made sure that they were well represented on social media during their trip. The grand finale was a special kind of vernissage in the Göttlicher Gallery in Krems.
Polaroid Fotos of Global Jacket Project

Because the KAYIKO jackets have become works of art – after all, they have (more than) one story to tell. “If fashion can cross all borders, why not people?” was the motto for the project. We at jungidee are proud to have accompanied it as digital switchman and dispatcher, so to speak! You from KAYIKO send jackets around the world. We at jungidee send ideas and innovations around the web.

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