Arabella: so that waiting is not so dreary

arabella fenyves

The busy signal is out of the question anyway. We were already fed up with “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” and Easy Listening doesn’t really knock us off our feet anymore. Arabella for it all the more.
The radio announcer Arabella Fenyves is the new voice on the queue of jungidee. Even if we assume that you only have to listen to her very briefly before we can answer the phone, we firmly believe that you want to listen to her for much longer. Because Arabella’s professional voice as moderator creates tension. Is that due to her vocal preference for wild bossa nova and samba anyway?

No – you don’t have to call, you can also listen in like this:

soundclod jungidee telefonwarteschleife

Many thanks to Michael Konrad for the mixture of soft beats and chilled out Rhodes sounds. And 2 thumbs-up to the mastering specialists at Map Studios, who know exactly how to properly harmonize music and voice.

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