QR Code Generator

Bring new visitors to your Website using QR Codes. With our QR Code generator qrd°by you can create and track QR Codes. You will see when, where and by whom they have been scanned. Moreover, you can create mobile-friendly landing pages that are displayed on the user's Smartphone after scanning your QR Codes.

QR Code Generator

PayPal Paying Link Generator

With the PayPal Payment Link Generator you can create a link so that your customers can pay you directly through PayPal. Just type in your PayPal account name, a description and a price and you are ready to go. No need to login at PayPal. Use such links for example in your automated E-Mail marketing.

Create PayPal Link

Check VAT ID

With this convenient tool you can check if a given VAT ID is valid. You will also see the address of your customer displayed on a map and find additional information about the client / company.

You can also download this tool as free PHP library and programmatically query the Finanz Online API to check VAT IDs.

Check a VAT ID

Sleek Online Time Tracking

The sleek online time tracking tool mite is the easiest way for entrepreneurs and small companies to keep track of their time efforts.

mite. Time Tracking