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With our QR Code marketing platform you can create professional QR Code marketing campaigns for free.


Connect to your customers with QR Codes

QR Codes can offer valuable information like QR Codes in brochures redirecting to product videos or QR Codes on posters leading to a web shop, where you can purchase the product on your smartphone or QR Codes on a bus stop linking to the actual time table.

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QR Code Tracking
Measure Your Success

All QR Codes on our platform are trackable and you can follow when, where and from which device they are scanned. With GPS Tracking the scan position has an accuracy close to 10 meters. You can follow on a map where your QR Codes have been scanned in real-time.

Landing Pages - The experience after scanning

In the content management system integrated within qrd°by you can easily create mobile landing pages (e.g. coupons, mobile business cards, product pages) to which a user is being redirected to after he scans a QR Code. Learn more about Landing Pages

For Advertising Agencies

Offer your Customers a QR Code Manager under your Domain

You can use qrd°by with your branding and under your domain. With our white label solution, your customers will never know that we exist and you can offer them a platform to create their QR Codes and manage their campaigns. Read more under:

White Label QR Code Portal

For Small Businesses

Create a small Website for your business or private use optimized for modern smartphone browsers in just a few simple steps. Provide your contact details as a digital business card and include your links to the most important social networks. This way your contact data will easily find its way into the address books of your business partners and friends!

Digital Business Card

Coupon Solutions

Party Reminder

For the Clubbing Episode Superfreak, we created a Designer QR Code printed on flyers, which brings information about upcoming events, DJ lineups, mixes and party pics on the user's smartphone.

designer QR Code house music party event

Scheduled Gimmicks & Coupons

Printing QR Codes on control bracelet enables the visitors to get benefits at a party. Depending when the code is scanned the user gets gimmicks like free drinks, guest list entrance for upcoming clubbings, music videos, table reservation and much more...

Mobile Coupons

For Real Estate Agencies

qrd°by enables real estate companies and agents to connect potential customers with relevant information of a real estate on the spot using QR Codes.

Create a landing page for your real estate by filling in a web form and uploading some images. Each real estate is assigned to a QR Code that you can print on posters. By scanning a QR-Code prospective customers are directed to the respective landing page of the real estate. They find all the important information and they can directly get in contact with you.

Real Estate Marketing
qr code real estate

For Tourist Industry

In the hiking brochure "Hiking in Slovenia" each trail has its own QR Code. After scanning the code the directions and the map as well as important hints are downloaded to the mobile device. The trail can be opened in Google maps to help the user navigating.

hiking brochure with qr codes

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